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Specialize in one of the fastest growing beauty industries

Learn how to properly apply lash extensions

There are so many small and moving components that can impact lash artists application. Even the smallest details can cause a change in application. Isolation and proper attachment are key to long lasting retention.

Learn how to prep the eyes for service

Proper cleansing techniques and lash safe products, improved retention, gel pad placement, taping techniques, basic mapping, gel pad storage, client comfort and experience.

Learn how to measure and map out eye artistry

Proper mapping and measuring techniques will create a custom look for each client. Measuring a clients lashes is important and vital to the health of the natural lashes.

The Fundamentals of Classic Lashing

Theory + Application

About the trainer

Katherine is a licensed Cosmetologist who has specialized in lashes since 2010! She's seen the industry shift, change, and has tested countless products, techniques, tools, and lash styles. Katherine has serviced thousands of clients, and trained many other artists in her field.

"The industry has continued to grow and change over the years. After 13.5 years of specializing in lashes and brows, I've seen the industry adapt to new techniques, watched and explored as new product developments hit the market, trained artists to improve on skills and technique, and joined in on trends that take over the marketplace." - Katherine