A Beauty Course

Designed For YOU

Breakdown beauty and create a routine and lifestyle to compliment your natural beauty! Determine what services fit best into each chapter of your life, and create a custom plan to take control of your skin. The 'Enhanced Beauty Course' will help you understand each step of beauty, skincare and how different services are best for different wants and needs. Video Demonstrations, Real Photos, Real Experiences, and Education from a Licensed Professional. Learn to take a step back, to love, enhance, define, maintain, and improve your own features.

Our Why?

Education has always been an important aspect of my beauty career. Within the last 13+ years, I've seen a lot in my industry, experienced a lot, and have learned a lot. I believe that sharing what I've learned can only help continue to elevate and raise standards in the beauty industry. The beauty industry can be overwhelming at times with pressure to change, sculpt, and create an entirely new face. We're not about that at XO and we come from the mindset of enhancing natural beauty, and loving beautiful you. Beauty isn't an overnight process, it's a lifestyle.





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Beauty services can help speed up your morning routine,

enhance photos, and give a refreshed look!